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FAC Philippines - After Covid19-01The COVID19 Hype, whether true or not, affects the well-being of us all, and our lives hereafter will never be the same.

Our Exclusive Program looks to open your mind to new ways of surviving.

It presents a unique "Delete & Reset Program" for Select People to step outside the present hurricane and into a new life in calmer harbors. What's probably surprising about this statement is that it resonates as truth. Because these times of Great Change remind us that we have to decide what to do with the time that is given to us.

We extend until 15. APR 2022 - follow the Requirements in our Article about Quota Visa 2022 - (News)

In Honour of this Occasion, we have arranged a Special Package Deal as follows:

  1. Lifetime Visa
  2. Lifetime Work Permit
  3. Bank Account (Euro, US$, Peso)
  4. Credit Card, Visa or Master Card
  5. PHP Driver License
  6. registered Company incl. all necessary Government documents
  7. registered Tax Registration
  8. Permit to Operate
  9. Furnished House with Security Guard # Europe high standard

This package is limited and reserved for Investor's and people with the vision to see what is on the horizon and take the decisive steps to ACT.

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