Setting up Business - to swing aboard a Train

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investor1The Philippines is one of the biggest E-Commerce and Real Estate Markets in South-Oast Asia. In the last few years many Investor's from Europe, specifically from most Scandinavian Countries open Software Development Companies; Call Centers and Entertainment Business Companies. But, we would like to go from the general to the particular. From initial Enquiry we received the most helpful Feedback from our successful Customer & Member's because to undertake to solve the problem we need a extensive Repertoire under the working legal System. Still others to call „Network“ 

Firstly - Setting up Business - We offer in 2 weeks time deliver all necessary Documents for In/Corporation under the Philippine Law to start your Business. 

Secondly - Acquisition of a FirmWe are offer to our client's „Shelf Company“ to start our Business at your earliest convenience.

In the third place – Start like „Market Leader“We offer the following – Available Segment in the Import/Export Business (Retail of Food, Beverages Tabaco and Foreign Liquors) with all necessary Certificates and Government Authorizations incl. amicable merger of all Customer in the Philippines. At a fixed price of 18 Millions Peso only.