Duterte’s refusal to cooperate with ICC may upset US and EU

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JUN 15

PRESIDENT Rodrigo R. Duterte’s refusal to cooperate with a potential investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) of his deadly war on drugs could further upset Western powers such as the United States and European Union (EU), political analysts said. “Western powers such as the US and EU would certainly be concerned about this refusal to cooperate,” Robin Michael Garcia, president of WR Numero Research, said in a mobile phone message on Sunday. “Duterte’s refusal could embolden these countries to open up the conversation and make it part of negotiations in pandemic support and other types of aid,” he added. The presidential palace earlier rejected a recommendation by the ICC’s outgoing chief prosecutor to open a probe into alleged crimes against humanity committed by Mr. Duterte’s in connection with his anti-drug campaign. Presidential spokesman Herminio L. Roque, Jr. said the plan is “legally erroneous and politically-motivated,” adding that the international court does not have jurisdiction over cases involving crimes against humanity.

New Terms Start FEB 2021 by WhatsApp

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2nd tax reformAll users need to accept the new terms of service if they want to continue using WhatsApp The popular messaging app WhatsApp asked its some two billion users on Thursday to accept new terms that will allow it to share more information with its parent company Facebook and roll out advertising and e-commerce. The update sparked criticism among users as they must accept the changes or see their access to the service — which also allows encrypted voice and video calls — cut off from 8 February. Facebook aims to monetize WhatsApp by allowing businesses to contact their clients via the platform, even sell them products directly using the service as they already do in India.

FAC Press Review - 28. JULY

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