New Immigration Rules about Work Permits

Posted in Newspaper

BIThe Bureau of Immigration (BI) announced on Wednesday that it would impose more stringent requirements and more rigid procedures from foreign workers seeking work permits. Commissioner Jaime Morente said they would require foreign applicants to submit additional documents before they could get special or provisional work permits. Morente said the new rules would seek to address the reported rise in the number of foreigners employed in the country.

“This is to ensure that these work permits are issued only to aliens whose jobs could not be performed by Filipinos,” “These new rules are meant to protect the interest of local workers, as we have observed that in the past, foreigners may abuse their permits and take away jobs from our kababayans,” he added. Morente said no work permits would be issued to aliens seeking jobs as construction workers, cashiers, janitors, carpenters, and other blue-collar jobs. INQUIRER.NET