Duterte seeks alliances with China and Russia

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duterte-putin-jinping-ap-0928PRESIDENT Duterte said on Tuesday he would build by next year “new alliances” with China and Russia to cushion the fallout from the possible withdrawal of the United States from the Philippines. In a speech in Pampanga province, Mr. Duterte said Filipinos would have to make a small sacrifice for what he had previously declared “crossing the Rubicon” in his ties with the United States while pursuing partnerships with its rival countries or what he called countries on the “other side of the ideological barrier.”

New Speaker – Bureau of Immigration

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Speaker-of-BureauIntramuros - Commissioner Jaime Morente designated last week Atty. Maria A. Bucasas-Mangrobang as the new Spokesperson. Atty. Mangrobang, a graduate of San Beda College of Law, also served in the same capacity during the Term of former Commissioner Ricardo David . She has been in the Bureau of Immigration for the 16 years and is a career Employee with an item of a Legal Officer under the Bureau's Law and Investigation. As Bureau's Spokesperson Atty. Mangrobang is in charged with entertaining requests for Media Interviews and Propagate to the Press and Public the Bureau's Position on current Events and Concerns related to Immigration issius. She will also supervise the Activities of the Bureau's Media Office in drafting and disseminating the Bureau's Press Releases and Press Statements. Atty. Mangrobang was also former Head of the Bureau;s Training Center in Clark. Previously, she held the Positions of Acting Assistant Chief and Acting Chief of the BI Airport Operations Division (AOD) The AOD oversees and monitors the Bureau's Operation's at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and other International Airports Nationwide.

Primary Race - Pan de Duterte - a Spicy Burger

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Rodrigo Duterte

A BAKERY on Judge Jimenez Street in Quezon City has come up with a novel way of measuring the popularity of each presidential candidate by encouraging its patrons to buy the pan de sal named after them. There is the Pan de Duterte—a spicy burger served in a pugon-baked bun—which comes with hot chocolate from Davao, where Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte hails from. Pan de Poe, on the other hand, is a corned beef pan de sal sandwich, corned beef being a staple of American culture, said writer and entrepreneur Wilson Lee Flores, owner of Kamuning Bakery Cafe, referring to Sen.