Sometimes FAC is tilting at Windmills

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recom2I have applied for Quota Visa in 2014. It did not push through due to extreme complications in the Immigration. It is the hardest Visa to optain no matter how rich you are. However Mr. Greuling never ever gave up on my case, and he put so much extra effort into it without charging extra, intil it finally pushed through 1 year later. So I finally got my long awaited Quota Visa, good for Life Time. All thanks to your persistance Mr Greuling. No matter what you need from the Immigration, Mr Greuling's Team will fix it for a very reasonable price.

Quelle: Mr. Hermann

FAC Team are easy to coordinate

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recom2FAC Philippines has been extremely helpful in assisting our VISA Application Requirements. Mr. Jurgen Greuling and his Team are easy to coordinate with, and they respond promptly to our concerns. I would strongly recommend FAC Philippines to provide you with their outstanding services.

Quelle: Lorenzo Angeles