small firm sector to be under close scrutiny

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Dole2The shoe is on the other foot. Since some days ago the Department of Labor & Employment is merged to modified construction belonging to Commonwealth Act No.108 (The Anti-Dummy Law) and Department Order No 186/2017 (DOLE).

What's the meaning of this?

All smale business companies can't no longer apply the Alien Employment Permit (AEP) if those to satisfactorily show a share capital of 10 millon Peso. The DOLE recommends in that case a Certificate from Department of Justice (DOJ) with a run of two or three months ! But the Requirements are unacceptable for most Applicant's / Companies. The Statements of the Government (SONA) and common practice are two very different animals. This is what makes the difference.

9 G Visa and AEP for 2 years period

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Dole2The most Employer to prefer for whose Employee 2 year's period contracts. We had to declare, that quite a few User our new Flyer about the 9 G Visa Service Portfolio to misunderstand. As opposed to other Agencies, we charge the full amound (65.000 PHP - calculated period of 2 years) for Immigration Fee, DOLE Fee and our Service & Process Fee in a total Account. On basic of this Invoice every Customer get a "Official Receipt" !

Call Center's in Quezon City

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Special Service Portfolio for Call Center's in Quezon City!

Please contact our FAC Immigration Consultant Ms. Balquin about the New Requirements DOLE, specially all Call Centers !

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