Mission Statement

The Platfrom "Foreign Assistance Center Philippines" was established to provide Foreigners regardless of their nationality with a platform that, together with our Philippine partners, helps to resolve problems encountered with Governmental Authorities. Its aim is to ensure that Foreigners who seek help will properly benefit from the Services provided by the Government. The FAC is accredited by the Bureau of Immigration and Philippine Retirement Authority. While FAC Philippines - Foreign Assistance Center Inc is not a law firm, for the last 10 years, we have built up a network of highly committed and qualified Lawyers that supports and advises F.A.C. Inc.

While the services of FAC Philippines - Foreign Assistance Center Inc are not free, they are reasonably priced. First, F.A.C. Inc listens to anyone, including Philippine nationals, who seeks Assistance in order to understand whether the problem concerns family law, criminal law, theft/larceny, divorce, property law or visa regulations. Second, after evaluating the Situation and perusing the respective documents, FAC, together with Lawyers and Partners, decides which strategy under Philippine law will promises best and quickest results. An essential element of our success is our exclusive and confident collaboration with Officer's of the Bureau of Immigration, the Philippine Retirement Authority, the Department of Foreign Affairs and other governmental Agencies.

In Corroboration of our social Responsibility, may we ask you to charitable Donations.