About the Quota Visa 2022 / 2023

Veröffentlicht in Quota Visa - SEC 13

permanent residentWe feel compelled to respond to the many inquiries about Quota Visas SEC 13 under the Commonwealth Act. A Quota Visa can be granted under Commonwealth Act No. 613 by the issuance of an Order by the Department of Immigration.

Let's look at some Advantages of the Quota Visa in relation to other Visas:

First – Lifetime Residence (with minimal reporting) Upon being granted Quota Visa Status (under Section 13 of Commonwealth Act No. 613), the holder practically becomes an Immigrant as they are granted not only a lifetime stay in the Philippines, but also a lifetime work entitlement. If requested, we can also obtain this lifetime work permit for a client in written form. The Quota Visa holder gets an ACR Card that has a validity of 5 years (renewable at the end of term). All that is required for maintenance during that 5-year term is an Annual Report due every year before the 1st of March. That said, this is a fast process which requires a sum total of only 310 Pesos. Other than that there are no reporting requirements and the only other fees are those encountered each time the Quota Visa holder leaves the country.

Second - Right to Do Business (Work Permit) A Quota Visa Holder is entitled to do Business (in the Sectors permitted under the Laws of the Philippines) without needing to obtain an Alien Employment Permit (AEP). This is a great Advantage as all other Types of Visas, like the Retirement Visa (the SRRV) and the Investor Visa (the SIRV) require the Holder to obtain an AEP before they can work and even then it is only valid for a maximum of 3 years (although renewals are possible). If a Quota Visa Holder intends to form a Business, then the necessary Business Permits (for the domestic entity) must still be applied for at the appropriate Government Offices, most often City Hall.

Third - Easy Entry & Exit (without ECC) Upon exiting the country the Quota Visa holder is granted a Re-Entry Permit upon the payment of a fee at the Immigration counter at the airport. An Exit Clearance Certificate is not required no matter how long the Quota Visa holder has been in the country (unlike all other visas). Please note: If a Quota Visa holder is intending to stay out of the country for more than one year then the Annual Report must be paid for before departure. The above are the key points of distinction and we are happy to discuss these with you or answer any other questions you may have.

Important Information for Quota Visa Applicants — We have noticed that many are interested in the QUOTA VISA but many of those questions have inaccurate information or misleading interpretations. A First question often is — What does the Visa cost? If so, I can tell you upfront that this kind of viewpoint and approach will not end in a positive outcome.

The question must rather be, what can I do for the Philippines and how can I contribute ? Overall the Quota Visa is not inexpensive but it is also not expensive for the value and high level of hospitality it represents.

The exact amount will be determined in a personal interview when we consider all factors. However, in relation to the Point, you should know that if you ever come across “a deal or promotion”...without an Invoice and a valid Official Receipt from an Accredited Agent for the full amount paid. You are putting your visa and your legal standing in jeopardy.

This is not what we do. All aspects of the visa process with FAC is fully certified and documented with the proper authorities. Interested persons must submit the following documents to apply for an Interview:

  • Passport Photocopy (BIO DATA) Last Arrival Stamp Page (photocopy)
  • Tel No and E-Mail Address
  • Short Cover Letter (on why you are qualified)

Our Customers all receive a Process Folder along with a Tax Certificate for the total amount paid. Thus, the customer and the Bureau of Immigration have proof that the Visa Process has been applied for in accordance with the Immigration Act and its regulations.

Important Information regarding Payment

Please ask for the following before making any Payment to Anybody !

  1. Proof of Certificate of Accreditation from the Bureau of Immigration
  2. Invoice & Official Receipt (OR) for total Amount paid
  3. Valid Government ID Card of all Agents

We strongly caution anyone interested in a QUOTA VISA against making payments to people not authorized by the Bureau of Immigration ! Don't make any Payment without an OR ! Do not believe false promises !

Only the Board of Commissioners can approve a QUOTA VISA !

Please send your Inquiry with requested documents for the Interview to the following address: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!