FAC Update September 2018

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  • In Month September 2018 a new philippine public stamp (SEP) will be available.
  • Local Holiday on 12. September 2018 - Amun Jadid - The Islamic New Year is on the first day of Muharram,means the first month in the Lunar Islamic Calendar
  • Local Holiday on 23. September 2018 - September Equinox - There are two Equinoxes every year, in March and September when the sun shines directly on the Equator and the length of day and night is nearly equal.
  • The Secretary from the FAC Philippines to say good bye to NATALIA MOON and wish her success to the new stage of life.
  • By popular request - the FAC Price List is now available for Download. (special Link for VIP Customer)
  • All VIP Customer can check now the SUMMARY of data 24 hours a day online - will updated weekly.
  • Note -The personal TIN Number process for Foreign has changed. We process new & verified TIN Application for our Customer.
  • We process Foreign "urgent" NBI Clearance for Governmental purpose. 
  • NOTE - The process & cost of transfer from OLD to New Passport has changed.
  • NOTE - Inclusion Visa of kids - the Verification & Authentication (Philippine Embassy abroud) of birth Certification must be filing abroud - all Embassies in Manila process not anymore. 
  • NOTE - Children born in the Philippines we can filing Verification & Authentication in Manila.
  • NOTE - 13(a) Visa Applicants needed also "Married & Birth Certificate" form Petitioner Verification & Authentication in original.