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newsFor week's we received over and over E-Mails with Inquiry or cries for help anonymously. We would like to point out that we don't respond that way. We expect for any man proper respect. In other words, we will never answer unrespectful or anonymously Inquiries, whatsoever.

As from 01. May 2018 every Friday date arrangement necessary.

As of now we process additional all necessary Application 9(g) - 13(a) – Quota (SEC 13) - PEZA - DTI or SCWV, SCIV, SCDV Visa in Metro Manila, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) or Clark Freeport Zone and Provincial Government of Pampanga, particularly in San Fernando.

As from 01. May 2018 we offer professional advice for 'Motion for Reconsidiration” by denied of any Visa Application.

As from 01. May 2018 we offer Services by Acceptance our Terms & Condition only.

New Rules for Quota Immigrant Visa

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permanent residentat the scheduled time the Government upgraded lots of Laws and Requirements. The House of Representatives in Quezon City (Seventeenth Congress) changed such as the Quota Immigrants subject. The Government instructed the Immigration Commissioner per calendar year maximum two hundred (200) Applicants for Quota Immigrants (SEC 13) to allow submit Application at the Bureau of Immigration Philippines. This new rules included any one nationality. Also updated the entire process of Quota Immigrants Visa. Basically new, Requirements and entire process for Spouses or minor children of Foreign nationals who are lawful Permanent Residents of the Philippines.

We will inform you in due course if any modifications will be done.

Call our Office to make Appointment for Interview +63 (2) 7904547 or +63 (2) 5799953.

small firm sector to be under close scrutiny

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9GThe shoe is on the other foot. Since some days ago the Department of Labor & Employment is merged to modified construction belonging to Commonwealth Act No.108 (The Anti-Dummy Law) and Department Order No 186/2017 (DOLE).

What's the meaning of this?

All smale business companies can't no longer apply the Alien Employment Permit (AEP) if those to satisfactorily show a share capital of 10 millon Peso. The DOLE recommends in that case a Certificate from Department of Justice (DOJ) with a run of two or three months ! But the Requirements are unacceptable for most Applicant's / Companies. The Statements of the Government (SONA) and common practice are two very different animals. This is what makes the difference.

Our best Compliments - SM Aura Immigration Office

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SM Aura 02Word gets around that the Immigration Office at SM Aura Tower can serve as an Alternative for those who wish to avoid the long lines at the Bureau’s Main Office in Intramuros. Since official opening of the Immigration Office at SM Aura also other Government Authorities have opened Satellite Offices among other things like PhilHealth, PHLPost, Social Security System (SSS) or Pag-IBIG at the SM Aura Tower. Not only accredited Agencies like us to prefer the service portfolio at SM Aura Immigration Office but rather lots of Tourist and Top Corporation and counting. The BI staff dedicated to her Customs and Agencies.

Small Business Owner to be intended to get punishment

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Dole2The new handling of the Department of Labor & Entployment has come for most small business owner (Foreigner) to a crisis or more precisely, those business owner can not any longer apply a new Alien Employment Permit (AEP) for a term of 2 or 3 years for theirs Employee,and to make matters worse, that the business owner can't any more apply in a position like President, bec. the new Requirement are from an economic point of view non-economical.

We haven't taken a stand on this issue yet. At this point it must be said that we offer to all interested parties be it Employer or Employee an comprehensive analysis with suggested solution. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.