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Interested parties for Permanent Visa Status (QUOTA VISA / SEC 13) in the Philippines please NOTE that on 13. March 2019 and 20. March 2019 to carry out an Interview regarding "Qualification of Quota Visa"   

Special Appointment necessary !

Hotline: + 63 (2) 790 4547



FAC Update February / March 2019

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update FEB 2019

Foreigners reminded to process the Annual Report until End of February to avoid further Penalties..

Important Notice - SWP & PWP new Requirements - Press Release

Over 600 Foreigner were deported in 2018. - Press Release 

A total of 3,528 Foreigner as of varying nationalities were in 2018 denied Entry in the different international Airport Nationwide.

All FAC Immigration Consultancy pending Visa Application from SM Aura will be resolved by the end of this month.

All pending Application regarding "Blacklist" or "Quota Visa" are currently under review by Department of Justice (DOJ)

The First Interview for any Visa affairs is free of charge incl. Consulting about "Lifting of Blacklist" or Overstay

Since 15. January 2019, Attorney Aldwin Alegre is new Deputy Commissioner at Bureau of Immigration.

Due to the fact that in the last few month we received a "Flood Wave" of SPAM or Fake E-Mails we will change in a timely manner our "contact form".


FAC Update December 2018 / Part III.

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Update Nov 2018

Experience has shown that on Christmastime most worker - 9(g) Visa holder Departure abroad. Please note that by Departure you needed ACR Card. The Airport informed us, that NO Departure without valid ACR Card.

If Applicant's with 9(g) Visa Hearing must traveling abrout, please NOTE that you must apply ACR Card Waiver.

If the 9(g) Visa Applicant already “Online” like Agenda on the Immigration Homepage, please NOTE that you must apply Grace Period !

If there is anything else we can do to assist you further, please don't hesitate to let us know or call our Hotline + 63 2 710 7703


FAC Update December 2018 / Part II.

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Update Nov 2018

ADVISE to all Filipinos - If you don't have fundamental knowledge about "Bonds, Treasury Bills, Mutual Funds, or any Investment Funds" - Please Hands off !

PAL voted Most Improved Airline for 2019.

In Month December 2018 a new philippine public stamp (1) and (2) and (3) will be available.

The Footbridge in Quezon City (EDSA) will not push through following safety concerns from pedestrians.

More Filipinos jobless in 3th Quarter.

Cathay Pacific & Cathay Dragon launched the First Non-Stop Route from Davao (Mindanao) to Hong Kong.

IKEA chose Philippines for world's biggest store.

The House of Representatives has approved the proposed P3.7- Trillion National Budget for 2019.

NOTE - To all in the German-speaking people - If you needed medical service or confidential conversation with German Medical Specialist, please contact our Hotline.

Comming soon - switch Mobile Phone Service PH Providers.

Boracay Inter-Agency Task Force publish the first 211 approved Hotels & Resorts for formal Re-Opening. Boracay Visitor's limited to 6.000 a day ! The next Update follow nest week.

Former England Football Coach Sven-Göran Eriksson signed a contract for six months as Coach of the Philippines.

In the spring of 2019 the New Game -Super Robot Wars T- will be in english Language available in Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand,Indonesia and Philippines only.

FAC Update December 2018 / Part I.

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Update Nov 2018

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) advised the public to transact only with authorized Employees of the Agency and avoid dealing with “FIXERS” and other unauthorized Individuals and Entities.

Please accept our apologies for pending cases regarding Implementation. Our VIP Customers will received separated Information.

BI rescues 6 women from Human Trafficking to Korea.

The BI Chief said the Bureau will never allow Filipino women to be sent abroad via the said scheme as previous cases have shown that many of these victims are lured into Prostitution.. “Our duty is to protect Filipinos who are vulnerable to being tricked by this scheme,” said Morente, adding that “we are sharing this story for awareness, so that aspiring OFWs will not accept offers from illegal Recruiters.

President Rodrigo Duterte ordered Authorities to spare Foreigners from harassment as he said a number of Visitors had complained of Extortion attempts.

Japan opens doors to Migrant Workers.

Management Task Force advised the public of possible Traffic on Commonwealth Avenue regarding new MRT-Line 7.

Future Train System - Quezon North Ave.(QC) to San Jose (Bulacan) - MRT 7 - expected open APR 2020.

Fitch Ratings maintained that the Philippine economy will continue in the next two years despite the current higher than expected inflation.

New Rules for Balikbayan Boxes - Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 18- 2018, dated Oct. 11, 2018 allows the use of other documents to show proof of Filipino citizenship for availing the tax-free perk, instead of the actual Philippine passport in previous rules.

President Rodrigo Duterte make advance warning to Hotel Resort Owners..