Appeal for Lockdown – justified ?

LockdownWell, the Government announced at the beginning of July that until End of July to be forced to 1 Million Government Employee make the REPID Test. Why the Government make this decision ? And now on 2. August 2020 everyone is surprised. To understand Conception of causal relation, is not necessary to study Mathematics. Or rather was this on purpose or to take the afresh Lockdown into Consideration ?

Now, to let the facts speak for themselves:

Registered Deaths in the Philippines - PHILIPPINE STATISTICS AUTHORITY*





Important – in 2019 the PSA don't publish the date for the whole year ! * Thousand

Well, this Number's show only that all the years before Corona Pandemic died far less as in the course of world wide Corona Pandemis. And this view we can see in all Countrries with Corona Pandemis in mirror image. Pure Coincidence ? I don't think so.

That means the Government make Lockdown on the basic on 2.346 Filipinos died less as in 2019 ?

Course: former Government Analyst regarding Article from PHILSTAR