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Quota Requirement 2016 03 Please note that the Quota Visa Requirement was 2015 modified. About "Quota Visa Interiew" - please contact our FAC Immigration Consultant - bec. it is necessary to understand the specific and requested Qualifications to answer specific Questions during your Hearing for Status of Permanent Resident..

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Updated 27. November 2016

About the Quota Visa

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QuotaIDA Quota Visa can be granted under Commonwealth Act No. 613 by the issuance of an Order by the Department of Immigration. Indeed the Order itself always refers to this Act. Let`s look at some advantages of the Quota Visa: First - Lifetime Residence with Minimal Reporting, Secondly - Right to do Business and Thirdly - Ease of Exit.


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Quota Visa - Appointment as regards

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QuotaIDThe so-called Quota Visa is the most sought after Visa among Businessmen and Investors. Since OIC Commissioner Siegfred B. Mison took over the Department, the Guidelines and Implementation have been extended and modified. You should only apply for this Visa if you are absolutely certain that you are qualified. This can only be assessed by staff members of the Department, accredited personnel and Lawyers.