The Immigration Office in SM Aura will be more than likely closed

SM AURA OFFICEThere is a storm brewing. Since December 2018 to go round many several points of opinion, why the Government practiced at Immigration Office SM Aura the “policy of gradualism”.

There's a rumour going around that the event's recently potent effects being a foretaste of what is to come. The obvious question is why will be suggests that to be responsible for all mess in BI SM Aura one person only ?

To illustrate the issue being presented - In view of the fact that in 2018 the Bureau of Immigration reported that it posted a record high income of more than 7 Billion Peso and the Office in SM Aura had to make a major contribution to proportion of the profits, there's no point in doing to close Immigration Office SM Aura.

Another aspect is that in BGC, Makati and Ortigas the most Investor's, Software Developer, Call Center and Game Design Companies (BPO) located. There is, therefore, every indication that from a present-day perspective inadvisable to close those source of revenue.

Means, the closing-down of business in SM Aura this makes no sense at all.

The FAC Philippines - Foreign Assistance Center Inc. will to state the discrepancies to seek Government's support in the next few day's among others Senate of the Philippines, Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of the Ombudsman and Malacañan Palace, President Rodrigo Duterte.

Manila, 27. JAN 2019

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FAC Price List - Update 01/2019

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9(g) Visa - proposed solution & alternatives

9(g) Visa - proposed solution & alternativesTo all interested Clients / Members, our Team and Lawyer's work hard on Solution and Alternatives. Also we send to all Government Authorities Request-Letter. We also to be in talks with Immigration Officer's and Attorney's by the DOJ Office.

We inform on this Platform immediately if we get any Update !

In the Meantime all Applicant (new or renewal) for 9(g) Visa they would be well advised to apply SWP.

Juergen Greuling / Chairman

The FAC Philippines will fight one's corner

solidaritaetIt just so the word has spread, that the Department of Labor and Employment introduced as an additional Requirement to become Alien Work Permit (AEP). From a present-day perspective, particularly with regard to an economic point of view, It's safe to say: “That's sheer suicide”. If the Department of Labor and Employment don't to revisit it will be big negative economic consequences for the Philippines. The obvious question is “why and wherefore” or who profits regarding those decision of DOLE ?

Having carefully weighed the advantages for the Republic Philippines – in our view = visibility zero ! The Chairman of the FAC Philippines – Foreign Assistance Center Inc. will be by all available means, to struggle against the incomprehensible decision of DOLE - but for any operation of law. This decision to be threatened by danger ! To put it plainly, we can to fold up shop (FAC)

small firm sector to be under close scrutiny (Member)

9GThe shoe is on the other foot. Since some days ago the Department of Labor & Employment is merged to modified construction belonging to Commonwealth Act No.108 (The Anti-Dummy Law) and Department Order No 186/2017 (DOLE).

What's the meaning of this?

All smale business companies can't no longer apply the Alien Employment Permit (AEP) if those to satisfactorily show a share capital of 10 millon Peso. The DOLE recommends in that case a Certificate from Department of Justice (DOJ) with a run of two or three months ! But the Requirements are unacceptable for most Applicant's / Companies. The Statements of the Government (SONA) and common practice are two very different animals. This is what makes the difference.