Drastic times call for drastic measures.

newsPresident Duterte to take drastic measures fight against crime under the new Republic Act No. 10973. The PNP Department "Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) get now express power under the new Republic Act to hand over an SUBPOENA (Vorladung unter Strafandrohung) in the case of attempt to commit a crime of surrender of property. In other words, the CIDG can execute a search warrant.

Important notes for Foreign - in default of appearance (contempt of court) the Government will be to issue an arrest warrant ! Résumé - It's all to recommend to act under the Philippine Law.


Quota VisaOn virtually every street corner can one get advises about Quota Visa. But the most of those to be unfamiliar with process rules, interna information or direct connection to the Board of Commissioner's.

How can you get anything done with people like that ?

In the year 2017 were approved a handful of Quota Visa Application only. The obvious question is why this practice ? We want to put on a show for our FAC Member. All those interested of dismissed or unapproved order regarding Quota Visa Application to provide advisory services how can be successful conclusion. It goes without saying, this service (Interview) is fee required.

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newsAs of 01. March 2018 will change the Inclusion Guidelines for new Members. All old Members must be new register. In the future only general Information will published on our FAC Consultancy Internet Platform. Legal and personal Information as well special Services will be publish to our Member Lounge only. In the future you can't longer apply online for FAC Membership. The Payment of Membership Fee for the current calendar year is due date the 01 March now. With immediate effect, the FAC accepts written Applications only. After the personal Interview the Board of Director's will decide whether the Applicant is included as a member of the FAC Philippines. All old Members are invited to a confidential Conversation to communicate important Information personally.

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Please note that from 01. March 2018 the personally Interview start regarding - Confidential talks about FAC Philippines & Laws !

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From 01 March 2018, the acceptance criteria for new "Members" changed fundamentally. The Interview to the "Membership" takes place only in the personal Interview.


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