German Investor back to the Philippines

Philippine flagGerd M. a German Citizen received yesterday the Order signed by the Immigration Comm Ricardo David, to allow Gerd. M. to return to the Philippines, after he was deported by a Presidential's recommendation in 2003.

Our F.A.C. Chairmen filed in favor of Gerd M. a Motion, to allow him to return, to secure his significant Investment and on basis that he is married to his Filippino Wife with Daughter, but they live in Germany; therefore it takes endless discussions with the legal authorities at the Bureau of Immigration,

as well the pointed evidences in original documentations re his Investments and his Human Rights Status, to convince the Immigration Commissioner R. DAVID, to sign Gerd M. way back to the Philippines in allowing Gerd M. to Return & Secure his Investment and on Humanitarian Ground. The F.A.C. Chairman and  Team salute and THANKS Commissioner David for it.