Three crimes against humanity

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FAC Breaking News October 2018If one had doubts that crimes against humanity are being committed in the conduct of the war against drugs, this will be dispelled with the stories of Djastin Lopez, Danilo Dacumos, and David John Jezeel “JJ” David. Their stories are memorialized in the Communication and Complaint filed by Rise Up for Life and for Rights, assisted by the National Union of People’s Lawyers, with the International Criminal Court. In my column last Saturday, I highlighted the significance of President Duterte’s admission that he is responsible for the EJKs going on in the Philippines. I also described two cases highlighted in the Rise Up complaint, that of Bernabe Sabangan and Salvador Locasia Jr, In this article, using the Rise Up document as a source, I examine cases where the police portray their victims as petty criminals in order to link drugs to criminality. As in the previous cases, the narratives are taken from the testimonies of the relatives and from police reports.............................