Not always first choice - the 13(a) Visa

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13(a) VisaWho does not know them, the words "in good as in evil days - until death separates you" - the evil awakening does not arise until love becomes hate and the drama begins. Of course there is no guarantee for love no matter where you live but you can and should minimize the risk as much as possible. In most internet forums, the 13(a) Visa (married to a Filipina) is often referred to as a "Permanent Visa" or as a "Permanent Residence".  But looking at this type of Visa from the legal side, one quickly realizes that these terms do not have much in common with reality.

Of course, the 13(a) Visa is at first glance the fastest and cheapest way to unlimited residence in the Philippines. But at a second glance, the 13(a) Visa is responsible for lobbying the Civil Courts. Why ? The answer ist quite easy.

Firstly, naivety & ignorance of Philippine laws and secondly the old vice of all men - "If he stands, is also the mind" - Any applicant for a 13(a) Visa must be aware that the Petitioner's (wife) at any time the so-called " Personal Guarantee " the Visa holder can escape. The first year is referred to as "Probationary" before you switch to Permanent Residence Visa from the second year on. As a rule, the Applicant for a 13(a) Visa must therefore appear twice for a hearing at the Bureau of Immigration. The requirements are clear and easy to organize as long as you have married in the Philippines. For further details please contact our hotline or send your request to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..