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9 G Visa and AEP for 2 years period

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9GThe most Employer to prefer for whose Employee 2 year's period contracts. We had to declare, that quite a few User our new Flyer about the 9 G Visa Service Portfolio to misunderstand. As opposed to other Agencies, we charge the full amound (65.000 PHP - calculated period of 2 years) for Immigration Fee, DOLE Fee and our Service & Process Fee in a total Account. On basic of this Invoice every Customer get a "Official Receipt" !


If our Customer follow our Terms & Condition we deliver the Passport, ACR Card and AEP Card in 6 weeks. Contract basis is our self elaborated Info Sheet.


 We suggest to all Applicants (new or renewal) to organize in advance follow:

  • copy Mayor Business Permit (current Year)
  • copy Annual Report BIR Form 1702
  • SEC Registration Number
  • all Applicants needed picture 2X2 (4 pieces)
  • copy Passport (by Renewal ACR Card and AEP Card)

All other requested Requirements our Team will arrange in co-operation with your Officer in charge. (Interview is necessary)

Here you can Download our Flyer according to 9 g Customer.

Please proofread our Flyer on the subject of 9 Visa. Direct Inquiries - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.