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9GThe most Employer to prefer for Foreign Employee 2 year's period contracts.

For the AEP (DOLE) and Visa (BI) process we need 6 week's, means hand over implemented Passport & AEP Card + ACR Card !

Regarding price quotes for this, we charge for the DOLE & BI process amound of 79.000 PHP (Seventy Nine Thousand Peso).

All Customer received all over amound 79.000 Peso an Invoice and official Receipt (OR) along with process Folder.

 Our Service is basis on our Terms & Condition and our INFO SHEET (first Interview) 

 We suggest to all Applicants (new or renewal) to organize in advance follow:

  • copy Mayor Business Permit (current Year)
  • copy Annual Report BIR Form 1702
  • SEC Registration Number
  • all Applicants needed picture 2X2 (6 pieces)
  • copy Passport (by Renewal ACR Card and AEP Card)

All other requested Documents (BIR,City Hall etc.) our Team will arrange in Co-Operation with your Officer in charge. 

Here you can Download our Flyer according to 9 g Customer. (process time 3 - 6 month)

Eagerly interested Customer or Employer's send E-Mail for Appointment Interview to - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.