Update at the Philippine Retirement Authority

Veröffentlicht in SRR Visa - PRA

The Principal Retiree must be at least 35 years old to enjoy SRRV privileges. Here are the general Requirements for different SRRV options, updated at October 2019:

SRRV SMILE – for active / healthy principal Retirees 35 year old and above who would just like to maintain their Visa Deposit of $20,000 in any of the PRA designated Banks.

SRRV CLASSIC – for active / healthy principal Retirees who would opt to use their Visa Deposit of $10,000 or $20,000 (50 years old & above) or $50,000.00 (35 to 49 years old) to purchase Condominium units or use for long term lease of House and Lot.

SRRV COURTESY – for former Filipinos (35 years old & above), and Foreign nationals (50 years old & above) who have served in the Philippines as Diplomats, Ambassadors, Officers/Staff of International Organizations. The Visa Deposit is $1,500.

SRRV HUMAN TOUCH – for ailing principal Retirees, (35 years old and above), who are shown to have medical/clinical Needs and Services. Under this option, the Retiree only needs to have a Visa Deposit of $10,000, a monthly pension of at least $1,500 and a Health Insurance Policy.