FAC Update December 2018 / Part I.

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Update Nov 2018

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) advised the public to transact only with authorized Employees of the Agency and avoid dealing with “FIXERS” and other unauthorized Individuals and Entities.

Please accept our apologies for pending cases regarding Implementation. Our VIP Customers will received separated Information.

BI rescues 6 women from Human Trafficking to Korea.

The BI Chief said the Bureau will never allow Filipino women to be sent abroad via the said scheme as previous cases have shown that many of these victims are lured into Prostitution.. “Our duty is to protect Filipinos who are vulnerable to being tricked by this scheme,” said Morente, adding that “we are sharing this story for awareness, so that aspiring OFWs will not accept offers from illegal Recruiters.

President Rodrigo Duterte ordered Authorities to spare Foreigners from harassment as he said a number of Visitors had complained of Extortion attempts.

Japan opens doors to Migrant Workers.

Management Task Force advised the public of possible Traffic on Commonwealth Avenue regarding new MRT-Line 7.

Future Train System - Quezon North Ave.(QC) to San Jose (Bulacan) - MRT 7 - expected open APR 2020.

Fitch Ratings maintained that the Philippine economy will continue in the next two years despite the current higher than expected inflation.

New Rules for Balikbayan Boxes - Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 18- 2018, dated Oct. 11, 2018 allows the use of other documents to show proof of Filipino citizenship for availing the tax-free perk, instead of the actual Philippine passport in previous rules.

President Rodrigo Duterte make advance warning to Hotel Resort Owners..


FAC Update November 2018

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Update Nov 2018

Foreign Investment rules eased - The new FINL will giving clarity

In Month November 2018 a new philippine public stamp (1) and (2) and (3) will be available

The Government publish that on 01 November is All Daint's Day (Special NON Working day) 02. November All Souls' Day (Additional NON Working day) and 30. November Bonifatio Day (Regular Holiday) is official Holliday.

Foreign with more than 1 year Overstay please contact our Hotline. The Commissioner Morente reminded foreigners staying in the country to update and ensure the validity of their visas.

LTO adopts online payment for car registration fee.

The Philippine Stock Exchange global stock markets slump.

Mega Manila Subway set for December groundbreaking.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) publish, that until 30. September 2018 was 4.948 drugs-suspect killed by police operation.

NOTE - the Visa Process in BI Office Taguig City changed !


FAC Update October 2018

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BI open a new Office in Las Piñas

In Month October 2018 a new philippine public stamp (1) and (2) will be available

The World Bank has released a loan for the Philippines to support the government’s recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction in areas battered by Typhoon “Ompong.”

Oil prices still rising 7th straight week now

Makati opens 31 satellite tax payment centers Philippine

Inflation jumped to 6.4 percent in August, the highest level in almost a decade, as oil and rice prices picked up

Applicant's for Quota Visa (SEC 13) we process with personal Interview only !

The Reorganization of the FAC Philippines will be complete End of November 2018

NOTE: We process Inward Remittance Letter (Certification) only for the BPI


FAC Update September 2018

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  • In Month September 2018 a new philippine public stamp (SEP) will be available.
  • Local Holiday on 12. September 2018 - Amun Jadid - The Islamic New Year is on the first day of Muharram,means the first month in the Lunar Islamic Calendar
  • Local Holiday on 23. September 2018 - September Equinox - There are two Equinoxes every year, in March and September when the sun shines directly on the Equator and the length of day and night is nearly equal.
  • The Secretary from the FAC Philippines to say good bye to NATALIA MOON and wish her success to the new stage of life.
  • By popular request - the FAC Price List is now available for Download. (special Link for VIP Customer)
  • All VIP Customer can check now the SUMMARY of data 24 hours a day online - will updated weekly.
  • Note -The personal TIN Number process for Foreign has changed. We process new & verified TIN Application for our Customer.
  • We process Foreign "urgent" NBI Clearance for Governmental purpose. 
  • NOTE - The process & cost of transfer from OLD to New Passport has changed.
  • NOTE - Inclusion Visa of kids - the Verification & Authentication (Philippine Embassy abroud) of birth Certification must be filing abroud - all Embassies in Manila process not anymore. 
  • NOTE - Children born in the Philippines we can filing Verification & Authentication in Manila.
  • NOTE - 13(a) Visa Applicants needed also "Married & Birth Certificate" form Petitioner Verification & Authentication in original.


FAC Update August 2018

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  • In Month August 2018 a new philippine public stamps (1) & (2) will be available.
  • The Government publish that on 21 August (Ninoy Aquino Day) 22. August (Eidul Adma Day) and 27 August (National Heroes Day) is official Holiday
  • At the beginning of August to be expected rise in prices of oil.
  • Bureau of Immigration - The terminal assignments of close to 500 Immigration Officers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) were rotated anew as part the agency’s continuing program to prevent Corruption and improve its service to the traveling public
  • NOTE - Overstaying and undesirable Aliens. The Bureau of Immigration warning to all foreigners a gainst violating the Country’s Immigration Laws to avoid arrest and Deportation. He likewise appealed to the Public to Report to his Office any suspicious or illegal Activities by Foreigners in their Locality
  • NOTE - Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to put sharper controls in Execution regarding "work without Alien Employment Permit (AEP)
  • Population of the Philippines is growing rapidly - The population in the Philippines continued to grow faster than in any other country in Asia and rising since 2014 to 106.4 million
  • NOTE - The FAC Philippines Inc. has updated the Price List dated on 01. August 2018  for all Immigration & public Services. The Quota Visa process Fee increase also beginning August 2018.
  • NOTE - Instalments for any Visa process Fee we don't accept in the future.