News Update June 2018

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  • Since June 2018 additional requirements by filing Business Permit at DOLE
  • The Government published under Executive Order (EO) 56 a NEW nationwide Emmergency Number 911
  • Reminder – any Visa Revalidation must be filed 14 day's after arrival date
  • GRACE PERIOD can be filing only if the Visa of the Applicant not approved !
  • The Government publish that on 12 June and 15 June is official Holiday
  • Special Extension Service in Quezon City – pick & deliver on the same day !
  • By Formation of a Company or Amendment is special Interview necessary

For one's own purposes

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newsFor week's we received over and over E-Mails with Inquiry or cries for help anonymously. We would like to point out that we don't respond that way. We expect for any man proper respect. In other words, we will never answer unrespectful or anonymously Inquiries, whatsoever.

As from 01. May 2018 every Friday date arrangement necessary.

As of now we process additional all necessary Application 9(g) - 13(a) – Quota (SEC 13) - PEZA - DTI or SCWV, SCIV, SCDV Visa in Metro Manila, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) or Clark Freeport Zone and Provincial Government of Pampanga, particularly in San Fernando.

As from 01. May 2018 we offer professional advice for 'Motion for Reconsidiration” by denied of any Visa Application.

As from 01. May 2018 we offer Services by Acceptance our Terms & Condition only.

New Rules for Quota Immigrant Visa

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permanent residentat the scheduled time the Government upgraded lots of Laws and Requirements. The House of Representatives in Quezon City (Seventeenth Congress) changed such as the Quota Immigrants subject. The Government instructed the Immigration Commissioner per calendar year maximum two hundred (200) Applicants for Quota Immigrants (SEC 13) to allow submit Application at the Bureau of Immigration Philippines. This new rules included any one nationality. Also updated the entire process of Quota Immigrants Visa. Basically new, Requirements and entire process for Spouses or minor children of Foreign nationals who are lawful Permanent Residents of the Philippines.

We will inform you in due course if any modifications will be done.